Thursday, October 18, 2012

Proud new papa

[I have neglected this blogsite far too long, and I am determined to dust it off and restart the engine,... and post twice per week as birthday present to my most amazing father. As I attempt to regain momentum, many posts - like this one -  may simply be photographs, with a few comments.] 

There is a maxim attributed to Milo of Croton:

Lift a calf every day and when you are old, you can lift a cow.

Well, I am already old, but I nonetheless wasted no time embracing the maxim this past month when I became a proud new papa with the birth of my first calf. Meet Ferdinand:

My Rwandan friends and neighbors thought I was crazy to be lifting and carrying Ferdinand. They laughed hysterically, especially when he defecated all over my right arm.

Castration was quite interesting. Dave Juenger had the honors. It was a non-event to Ferdinand, as Dave took a small, tight rubber band, expanded it with a special plier-like tool, and slipped it over and released it above Ferdinand's testicles without a squeak or blink from Ferdinand (...only me). Bloodless. Painless. Why castrate? For multiple reasons: Ferdinand will never be used for breeding. We do not want him to act up in an adolescent, studly manner. And, we want all energy directed to growth and bulking up, not to development of amorous intentions and capabilities.

Gotta go... and carry Ferdinand on our daily walk together.