Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving Notice

If not Heaven, it is 3/4 of the way there.
Yesterday I purchased a hilltop homestead with a spectacular view, and "greener grass". But no mailing address. Lots of rural families, but absolutely no commercial activity for miles. No electricity, no fine china, and no running water,... "no phone, no pool, no pets",... except for cows, sheep, goats, and chickens, and maybe some rabbits,... and more wonderful, beaming children than you can count to eagerly help care for the homestead.  I have (or can acquire) additional land on which you can build your dream and be my neighbor. No high rise condos. No tennis courts. No golf courses. But close proximity to Heaven.
The sellers and community leaders confirming
 the various boundaries of the five separate plots
 that constitute the enlarged homestead

 The community leaders, the sellers, 
and their new neighbor
According to tradition, the buyer serves
 banana beer to the men
 and milk to the woman 

who sold their land or served as attesting witnesses. 
I served soda which is a much more usual treat here
Meet "John of Peace" and “Thank God,"
my “architect” and “contractor” from the village
Does this seem totally WACKY? It is,...  and it isn't. It is quite liberating and exhilarating to discover, recognize, and acknowledge our many choices, and this seems like a really obvious, irresistible choice to me. It is also another exciting and challenging opportunity to do “community development."

If you want to find me, follow your dream. I, on the veranda of this hilltop home, may not be at the geographical end of your journey, but you will surely delight in your travels and discoveries, and I will delight in hearing about them.