Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A different perspective...

... but not all perspectives are created equal.
In a very remote region,... on an island reached by canoe (Population: 18),... in a small mud hut of a very poor family,... I observed this superannuated calendar. I was fascinated and reflective,... but I have little to say except that it is cause for some reflection. Many argue that poverty is the root cause of terrorism. I do not know that it is "the root," but I am persuaded that people who live and work in a growing economy characterized by opportunity and hope are not likely to be drawn into terrorism. Such people are generally happy to be fully occupied with building a better life for themseves and their families.

BTW: In fairness to Rwanda and its people, this wall decoration does NOT reflect a common perspective in Rwanda. This was the first and only time I encountered any such expression.
Walking back to the canoe, still reflecting.
 The island from a distance.
 The mud hut on the left of the ridge top.
An abandoned church, complete with rainbow, on the right of the ridge top.