Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sittin' on the Plane

I am now seated on the plane. Seatbelt fastened, but still at the LAX gate (although this is actually "Sent" from Brussels, Belgium.). And I am in awe, absolutely dumbstruck by our most AMAZING God. In recent weeks and months, He has led me from a place of hope, belief, and faith, to a place of knowledge, having actually witnessed His clearly demonstrated sovereign power. (This is most certainly not a boast, but rather a praise.) Indeed, He has proven to be a "Show-Off" and I am absolutely awestruck by His plan and power. I have also been greatly moved by those through whom He has worked. I must not attempt a list of names, but you who have participated in these recent preparations have so greatly blessed, encouraged, strengthened, and sacrificially served me. It feels as though I sat and watched while you did all the work,…and all I have to offer you is a most sincere "THANK YOU". I struggle with that, but isn't that how it is with God and how He works? God gives. We want to believe that we deserve it, or we want to "tip" Him. In fact, we are not deserving of what He lavishes upon us, and we have nothing to give back. All we can do is acknowledge, thank, love, and praise Him. And with that He is pleased and fully satisfied.

So, LAX to Chicago, to Brussels, to Kigali, Rwanda. Items of business during the FIRST TWO WEEKS:

Attend Rick Warren's kick-off of Rwanda as a Purpose Driven Nation (a stadium "happening").
Work with Dale Dawson and Opportunity International (U.S) staff at the "White House Conference" (i.e. U.S. foreign policy people) in Kigali.
Set up Guest Houses in both Kigali and Musanze (formerly called Ruhengeri). The Musanze House has already been leased, but we are still looking for the house that God has already selected in Kigali.
Refine and confirm arrangements for an upcoming Opportunity International "Insight Trip" to Rwanda.
Return to Musanze to further set up and "trick out "the Musanze Guest House which will be maintained for volunteer workers at Sonrise School. (Please see After which…
I am very excited to return to Kigali and pour myself into the wonderful work of Opportunity International. (Please see Although I am not a banker or a "numbers guy", I shall be very privileged to develop relationships with scores of Rwandan micro loan clients, their loan officers who work and mentor "in the field", and the friends and donors of Opportunity International who visit this great work and witness transformation of the lives of these clients, as well as their own lives. Who would have ever thought that God would invite me to play even a small part in such a spectacular show, and enlist so many of you to make it happen?!? Again, THANK YOU!