Thursday, March 27, 2008

Arrived: Safe and Sound

I'm here!

I had no "real sleep" for longer than I can remember. Certainly no sleep at all from LAX to Chicago to Brussels. Felt quite weary as there was no more adrenaline to borrow from the bank. I knew that a "crash and burn" was only matter of time. But on the 7+ hour flight from Brussels to Kigali, I had the entire row of 4 seats! (What's the deal? Doesn't anybody want to go to Rwanda?) I lifted up all the armrests, arranged my 4 pillows and blankets,... ordered a glass of wine (two, actually)... and was out like a light for a most refreshing (and much needed) sleep. First Class would not have been as comfortable.

I woke up to a very special greeting party and the expected rain in Kigali, Rwanda. I could just explode from excitement.

One very minor problem: It is 11:00 pm and I am now wide awake, with a very big day ahead of me tomorrow.