Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What do others see?

When others observe or listen to us, perhaps even without us noticing, what do they perceive?

A listening learner or pontificator;

Courage or fear;

Generosity or greed;

Grace or condemnation;

Hope or cynicism;

Charity or selfishness;

Compassion or indifference;

Joy or despair;

Faith or doubt;

Kindness or malevolence;

Peace or chaos;

Self-control or excessiveness;

Love or hate;

Humility or arrogance?

Others are most certainly observing and listening during these extraordinary times of testing which reveal who we are, and what we believe (and how much we really believe it). One could ask: "What do I care what others may think?" But such indifference is not an option for followers of Christ, for within this is the question: When others observe or listen to us, perhaps without us even knowing, or especially when we do not know it, do they perceive Jesus? 

I know the obvious objection: Life is not binary, "either / or." But Christ followers are to bear and clearly display fruits of the Spirit. Abstention is not an option. And this is an especially opportune season to bear such fruit. Engage and radiate, with respect, love, and joy.