Sunday, March 1, 2015

God's great dance floor?

This morning at church, the key chorus line of one of the worship songs was: 
♪♫ ♪♫  ♪♫ ♪♫ I come alive on God's great dance floor ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫♫ 
O, God! PLEASE! I'm not relating at all to this metaphor! Is this what You are waiting for?

But wait. I should relate. I can relate. We all know and love the exhortation: "Dance like nobody's watching!"... with reckless abandon and total freedom...

Nobody (who really matters) is watching except the audience of One, who came to set me free (to dance)... and to live fully and boldly and joyfully, even during the storms, fearing no one nor the judgment of others. It is not about what I do, but rather the heart with which I do it.

King David was famously so filled with the joy of the Lord that he could not restrain himself and he danced in the street (essentially) naked. (I think it was in Portland, Oregon.) Yes, eyebrows were raised and jaws dropped, but both David and the Lord were filled with delight, and in the end, nothing else matters on God's great dance floor.

(Please bring bail money.)