Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program goes INTERNATIONAL

The Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program has opened new "on ramps" onto the Bridge!

We have been often urged to build a Bridge2Malawi or a Bridge2Burundi or a Bridge2SouthSudan or a Bridge2Ethiopa. But we have very clear and easily articulated reasons for being such Rwandaphiles. Moreover, we must recognize our limited "bandwidth," limited resources, and the limits to which we can stretch our talented team. But we do have an exciting development to report to those who have not yet heard: B2R has indeed gone international, and here's how it unfolded:

A phriend in Phoenix was pierced when he watched a documentary about "the Lost Boys of South Sudan." He felt compelled to act, and urged us to collaborate with him to build a Bridge2SouthSudan. "Sorry, but no can do." He insisted that he must do something, and he then asked if we could select and absorb some extraordinarily gifted South Sudanese students into our Kigali-based program. To our own surprise, his persistence caused us to widen our Rwanda-focused tunnel vision, and this friend generously funded our recruitment and training of five gifted students from South Sudan, two from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, and two from Burundi. Thus, among the objectives of the B2R Scholars Program is now cultivating peace, security, and stability in this very unstable post-conflict region. Although it is a long-term play, we are contributing to the dissolution of barriers and enmities,... and raising up a cohort of servant leaders in East Africa.

Is anyone in Rwanda concerned or jealous? Not at all. They are very supportive and proud of the role Rwanda plays as a model, host, and leader within East Africa.