Sunday, June 30, 2013

Massacre at Murambi

We in Rwanda are now approaching the end of the 100 Days of Remembrance, which is observed each year to (1) honor the 1,000,000 who died so needlessly, (2) demonstrate compassion for survivors who suffered great loss and deep wounds, and (3) declare "Never Again!" As we endeavor to come to grips with the Rwandan Genocide and our own responsibility, spending 5 minutes 21 seconds watching this short video can be a profound experience. Please click here: Massacre at Murambi

I have been to Murambi twice and have spoken with some of the very few survivors. I have watched this video several times and am ever moved, forever pierced by it. 

I have a very bright friend who is a great student of words, communication, rhetoric, and argumentation. Although I have not actually had the conversation with him, I can quite easily hear his voice: "Tom, this video is a most extreme form of rhetorical propaganda,... an appeal to the emotions."  My response: "Okay, but you say that as though you have a problem with it. Yes, it hits hard, but show me where it is wrong. What is untrue or misleading?"