Friday, November 2, 2012


Yesterday I was hunkered down at home alone when I seemed to be transported to the center of the Battle of Stalingrad. Kigali was enveloped by a spectacular thunderstorm. As "drizzle" is to "torrential," so "torrential" is to yesterday's storm. I could not see through the curtain of water cascading off my roof. The orchestrated symphony of the deluge, thunder, and lightning was indescribably spectacular, deafening, and teeth jarring. I could not hear myself think, or audibly exclaim: Damn! That had to be a direct hit! Well, it was: Lightning blew up the water tank mounted on the outside of my bedroom wall.

I could not help but imagine sitting awestruck one moment, and then lightning struck the next, and voilĂ , Heaven! Awestruck again, but 10,000 fold. Just skip all that hospice care. Now THAT would be a pretty dramatic day!