Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Redemption Read

Me don' understand politics,... me don' understand big words like "democratic socialism". What me say is what de Bible say, but because people don' read de Bible no more, dey tink me talk politics. Ha! It's de Bible what have it written and it strong, it powerful.

Bob Marley

And I don' know about Bob Marley and his personal relationship with God, for that is only for God to know, and not for me to judge or even speculate. But I do know that Bob Marley is one of the most influential musicians of modern history; that his music is long enduring; that (perhaps to our surprise, and the disbelief of some) he, himself, explains that what he sang sprung from "what de Bible say"; and he seems to lament that "people don' read de Bible no more". Interesting. Let us do with it what we will, but with a humility that acknowledges that God is God, and He is working in and through His creation (including Bob Marley, you and me) in ways that are far beyond our comprehension. And let us also consider what seems to be Bob Marley's (and so many others, as well) encouragement to "read de Bible, for it have it written and it strong, it powerful."

"The worst thing to do with a Bible is to leave it on the shelf, thinking that someone else [someone with credentials] may have a better or smarter idea about it. [That is pre-Refomation, abstention thinking.] The best thing? Read it. After reading [with a curious, open, hungry mind, and appropriate humility], ask questions, argue and talk."
[NOT Bob Marley, but I have forgotten the attribution.]