Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The audacity!

Rwandans are audacious. If they can think it, they believe they can do it. They set goals which outsiders deem unachievable. Failure is not an acceptable option for Rwandans, but it is far more noble than inaction.

Rwandans dream big dreams and then they mobilize the entire country. They are focused. They are driven. For example, they are presently increasing the number of public classrooms in the country by 50% in less than six months, and to achieve this they are deploying the army, genocide convicts doing community service, and each of the local communities.

And Rwandans have recently determined that their brightest future will be as an Anglophone country, something that requires the immediate deployment of 1,200 ESL teachers, of which they may have, make that 21,.....Anna Reed.

Where will Rwanda find such teachers? They do not know, but that does not cause them to baulk. Do we in the West who love Rwanda have any ideas that are a worthy match to the hope and audacity of Rwanda? Do we want to come alongside them with the necessary ESL teachers and programs as they labor to become an Anglophone country, and might we soon be celebrating their success and audacity along with them?