Monday, June 22, 2009

Clipping Day

Today was Clipping Day for the entire family. I got a long overdue haircut. My strange hair presents a bit of a challenge to my Rwandan barber (from the Congo). The "Semper Fi" plaque on the wall was an ominous clue as to what was coming. The end result is not exactly a stylish Marie Olmstead/Vidal Sassoon cut, but that is not any concern here in Rwanda.

Although there was some disagreement on the issue, it was also time for the Crested Cranes to get a little trim.

I said "Go! Hawk!, not Mohawk!
Now I look ridiculous!"

Speaking of the Cranes.... Sister Susan has reminded me that I intended to seek your assistance from the blogosphere for suggestions of names for these beautiful, but ferocious guardbirds,... you know, like Okee & Dokee, or Humpty & Dumpty, or Homer & Marge, or Tom & Mary,... whatever. Please give me an idea by clicking on "Comment", below.