Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Prayers of a Righteous Woman...

The photos of this post are a present to my friend and Prayer Warrior, Barbara Martin, who I further describe below, and who recently wrote to me:

“Thank you for the email. I was blessed. I also want to thank you for all the photos of Rwanda and its people. I have interceded for this country for years. Your photos are some of the fruits from intercession.

Through your eyes you have allowed me to see the people, places and sights of Rwanda. God has privileged me to be connected to you for such a time as this. Please continue to post pictures of the children and you also with them. Every person you have posted has a special prayer, especially the little boy with the hood and food on his face. I love that photo. So once again, please continue the photos especially the ones with the children”
I met Barbara when I represented her in a personal injury matter. We spoke often and she would sometimes come to the office, but she never wanted to spend our time talking about her claim. Instead, she always wanted to talk about me and God’s work in my life, and my three sons who she never met, but about whom she gathered details that she never forgot. She concluded every visit by requiring me to articulate a prayer request,… WHICH SHE ACTUALLY PRAYED ABOUT at least ‘til our next encounter, which was often weeks later, when she would ask: “How is _______ doing,… I have been praying for him? And ______ ? I’ve been praying for him too.” She started calling to pray with me over the phone, and let me tell you, this woman prays with a passionate faith that pierces the hardest heart.

So why am I posting this to my blog? Because once again Barbara touches and teaches me by her demonstration of faith and commitment to disciplined prayer. Imagine fervently praying for an entire country and its children, “for years”, with regularity, and receiving with gratitude e-mailed photos from a friend as God’s way of affirming your prayers, causing you to pray all the more, now for specific (although still nameless) individuals. If only I would pray as does Barbara.