Friday, June 6, 2008

Further development of a thought...

In the last post I tried to describe how the Brogdons blessed and impacted so many lives here in Rwanda. I accepted Chantal’s words that “[Jessica] brought many miracles to my life.” One might be tempted to challenge Chantal’s terminology, and I would like to address such a possible challenge:

I heard it said in the US, and I hear it even more often in Africa, that believers are now (post resurrection) the Hands and Feet of Christ, that is, God acts through His people. Of course, if He chooses, God CAN act through circumstances, invisible forces, or even natural forces (such as a lightening bolt). But it is a very good working premise that God most delights in working through His people to dispense His love, grace and mercy. Why? Well, for one thing, God has clearly and repeatedly explained that He is a God of love, and that we are to “love one another”. Would the love that most delights God be best demonstrated by God causing a food basket to mysteriously appear at the back door of a hungry family’s home, or by a neighbor delivering the food basket with a joyful: “Here, I came to share this with you”? Given our natural (sinful) proclivity to be selfish, it is indeed a miracle of God when He delivers His love, grace and mercy through the neighbor,… or when He takes Chantal and her children to the doctor and pays the bill through His Ambassador, Jessica. Why didn’t God just heal Chantal and her children by His mere declaration? Wouldn’t that have been more efficient,…more miraculous? NO! And that is my point. God’s purpose was not so much the healing as the loving, and everyone who was blessed to witness the love that shone between Chantal and the Brogdons could see the miraculous accomplishment of God’s purpose.

I want to develop discerning eyes that marvel at God's work, through His people, in even the most simple acts of daily life, and I want to readily give Him praise for such works. I mustn’t ignore or dismiss His good works by deeming them “common”. We are selfish people. Unselfish acts of love and kindness are never natural or “common”. They are indeed miracles of our God acting through willing people like Todd and Jessica. And perhaps the most exciting thing is that we are all invited (actually, “called”) to be involved in His miracles of love.