Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bishop John: A Great Visionary

Without ceasing or rest, Bishop John is ever seeking God and dreaming enormously big. It never occurs to him that something is impossible. If the Lord puts it on his heart, then he knows that it is as good as done by God's power, and he need only step out in faith. By such faith, he has built many new community facilities upon a pile of ashes and bones. Among them is Sonrise School, which you should read about at
Here, Bishop John takes us to a site where he plans to build a Transformation Center, and run a camp for underprivileged children similar to "Kids Accross America", but which will be called "Kids Across Africa". As Bishop John points out the features of the (envisioned) facility, he actually sees them! "Do you see the Worship Center right over there, just to the left of the Girls' Dormitory?" .... What dormitory? I don't see anything, just vacant weed-covered hills. (Oh Lord, give me eyes to see what You see, or perhaps just what Bishop John sees.)