Saturday, April 5, 2008

12 x 1,000 Words

Some high ranking members of the "Git'er Done Gang" of Little Rock, Arkansas, with whom I have traveled my fist ten days in Rwanda,... but they leave today, and I am blessed to stay: John Flake, Stephen Tucker M.D., Chad Roberson, and Tom Strickland,... a terrific bunch of servant leaders, all "high capacity" guys who have a passion for good works, without any concern for the credit.

Dale Dawson, the founder and legendary leader of the "Git'er Done Gang", greets his good friend, Rick Warren, at The White House Confrence in Kigali. What I want to tell you about Dale must be reserved for a later post, but for now, Dale is a most remarkable (and highly effective) servant leader who is impacting hundreds of thousands of lives here in Rwanda. He has mobilized so much talent and resources that many in Rwanda think that Little Rock must be the capital of the United States. President Kagame recently invited Dale to serve as a Presidential advisor. Much more about Dale (and what I have learned by his example) later.

Dr. Eliane Ubalijoro and me enjoying lunch at The White House Conference. She is Rwandan, but presently teaches at McGill in Montreal, Canada, returning frequently to Rwanda to serve the President. She is extraordinarily bright, gracious, and vivacious, loves to laugh, and if her energy could be harnessed, it could light all Rwanda. She has helped me with some very important introductions. I hope to get to work with her in the future.

[I know the kind of pictures you are most wanting. I have them and they are "coming soon",... but in a later post. It takes HOURS to upload these photos. Please join me in learning patience.]